"Part of Zupan's appeal is his willingness to take the necessary risks in terms of putting the emotive element back into landscape painting. He possesses the stunning confidence to put aside historical timidity and confront nature directly, and he has the rare painterly ability to translate passionate responses to it into transcendent works of art. His rhapsodic brushwork and singular vision have garnered him a worldwide following among those who still seek beauty in the art of painting. Bruno Zupan is one of the last great romantics and for that alone his work is worth treasuring."

Ed McCormack
Artspeak, New York

 We are pleased to announce a pair of publications that capture the work of Bruno Zupan as never before.

The whole story weaves in and around prize winning reproductions of Bruno's recent paintings and watercolors - from his childhood in war-torn Yugoslavia and the Bohemian years in Paris that preceded his extraordinary introduction to the Deep South in 1964, to the glow of critical acclaim that surrounds his exhibitions from Manhattan to Madrid.

You will travel with the artist as he moves his easel through private gardens in Mallorca, into the liquid labyrinths of Venice, along the quays of Paris and back to the greeny depths of Georgia.

This intimate portrait of an artist at mid-career examines the sources of his inspiration, and attempts to explain how he goes about the act of painting - plein air, thoroughly unrestrained, mature.

Bruno Zupan, One Artist

Luxury first edition, 210 pages, 12" x 12", printed and bound in Florence, Italy. Includes 70 paintings, 50 watercolors, and 200 photographs taken on location. Text and photography by Jane Zupan.

 Bruno Zupan
Graphic Work, 1975-1992

88 pages, 9" x 12", full color reproduction of 36 serigraphs and 14 lithographs. Text by Jane Zupan

Selected Serigraphs and Lithographs

“The graphic work produced by Bruno Zupan between 1975 and  1992 follows the evolution of his painting technique.  In the early serigraphs, angular lines often dominate, as in City Lights or Computer City. Others, like Natasha in Flight, glow with the exuberant colors typical of the Mediterranean Island he calls home. More recent lithographs have a warm, sensual quality which gives them a painterly effect.  Soft washes, especially over impressions printed on Japanese rice paper, evoke his watercolor technique.

During the years that he created the thirty-six serigraphs and fourteen lithographs included in his graphics catalogue, Bruno Zupan has drawn his images in the time-honored fashion: directly on the stone at Desjobert in Paris, or on the screen at his own studios in Mallorca.

Like Chagall before him, there is no denying the close relationship between painting and printmaking. His prints are easily identifiable original compositions. And like that great master, Zupan deals with the unforgiving surface of the stone in the same sure fashion as when he works his magic on canvas. The results are wonderful glimpses into memory, or visions of the world around him.”

Gerhard Wurzer, Foreword to Bruno Zupan, Graphic Work, 1975 to 1992.

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