Travel and Plein Air Painting Locations

Bruno's life is like a tree that branches out and thrives in many directions at once. He needs to love a place before he can transform it into a work of art, and since he loves quite a few places, we developed a yearly schedule that puts him on location at a time when temperature and light are pretty close to perfect. He must be in the hills of Mallorca from May until the end of July where he does his larger explorations of seascapes and botanical subjects.

Paris is empty and warm in August, so he can pursue his studies of French symmetry in wonderful shady gardens scattered around the city. We both look forward to a peacful Venetian sojourn from late September until November when the architectural marvels of that city are illuminated by brilliant autumnal light.

We return to America for the winter months splitting time between New York and Georgian studios and attendance at his various exhibitions around the country.The snapshots in this section take you along with him as he paints, explores or just sits down for a coffee at Bar Nico on Zattere.

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